All performers enter and participate in the Theatre Arts Titles according to these Rules.

For the purposes of the following: ‘event’ is Theatre Arts Titles, which is the organising body; ‘Official’ is a representative authorised by the event; ‘section’ is a competition event; ‘Session’ is the time period in which one or more events are timetabled;‘Grade’ is in reference to a competitors past results.

1. Events are open to all comers, subject to stipulated individual event conditions.

2. Entries must be received online by the advertised closing date. Entries must be completed correctly and accompanied by full fees. Responsibility for correct entry rests with the entrant. An ENTRY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT will be sent to the email address provided on the entry form, confirming the events entered and fees paid. Entrants must contact the organisers if this acknowledgement is not received within 48hours of lodgement. Entrants are advised to check the details carefully and notify the organisers immediately of any errors, including spelling of names, etc. Corrections cannot be made after final timetabling.

3. All event correspondence is via email. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that Theatre Arts Titles emails are not blocked by spam filters.

4. Entry fees are not refundable except when an event is cancelled. Entry fees cannot be transferred to another event should entrants change their mind after final timetabling.

5. Entries submitted after the closing date of the event will be subject to an additional late fee of $5 per section entered. Late entries are only accepted without obligation, subject to final timetabling and capacity. 

6. A person or group is permitted to enter only ONCE in the SAME event, except where otherwise allowed. A school can enter more than one group in the same event provided individuals appear once only.

7. No person may enter under a name other than their own LEGAL NAME. Entries are NOT TRANSFERABLE from one person to another in events where individual performers are named. The names and birth dates of all entrants must be provided for all competitors.

8. Prize are as advertised and presented immediately following each section. Value is based on market value. Each entry will receive an adjudicators report.

9. Programs will be emailed the second week in May 2019. There is no fee for program

10. The event reserves the right to amend or refuse entry; to disqualify or deny participation; to alter or reduce the prizes as published; or to amend, cancel or combine any event, particularly should there be insufficient entries.

11. Entrants must perform in events applicable to their age only, unless an event has no age specified. Age is determined as at 1 January 2019 and duets/trios as at 1 May 2019 for all other sections. 

12. Grading is by novice, restricted and open. Novice is a competitor who has never placed in that section. Restricted is a competitor who has never placed 1st in a scetion. Open for all.

13. At events where an age limit is specified, every entrant (including group members) must have proof of age available on the spot if requested by an official (e.g. copy of birth certificate, etc) or risk disqualification. Random age checks may be carried out. 

14. Entrants perform at their own risk. Entrants agree they are of good health and fitness and physically able to participate in an event. No liability will be accepted for any injury sustained whilst carrying out that performance.

15. Entrants are expected to be prepared for their event at the time of performance. 

16. A different item is required for each event unless repeats are specifically allowed. 

17. Performances must be kept within specified time limits. 3 minutes and 30 seconds for solos/duets/trios. The event timekeeper’s record is final.

18. Accompaniment in vocal sections must be instrumental only.

19. All vocal, song/tap, song/dance and instrumental can request microphones.

20. Participants in Model Quest must supply two A4 photographs (head shot and full body). They will require to walk the catwalk in both casual and evening wear. They also must participate in an on stage interview.

21. Where recorded accompaniment is permitted, this must be on CD labelled with entrant name. Each CD or audio file must contain only ONE item.

22. No teacher, parent or designated supervisor (unless an accompanist or conductor) will be allowed on stage or in the wings at any time.

23. Prompting is not permitted, except by the adjudicator.

24. In case of CD accompaniment failure during performance, the entrant should stop singing or dancing, leave the stage immediately and wait for instruction from the event staff. Once the sound technician has loaded the back-up CD, the entrant may recommence performance without penalty. In ‘live’ performances, any entrant who ‘breaks down during their performance’ or ‘suffers memory lapse’ and leaves the stage will receive ‘comments only’, unless they remain on stage and continue their performance within the time limit.

25. Standard of dress is as important as the performance. Personal presentation appropriate to a stage appearance may be taken into consideration. The use of explicit language and gestures is prohibited, and entrants should avoid items of an overtly sexual or undignified nature.

26. A high standard of decorum is expected from all participants and patrons. Behaviour, which is contrary to the spirit of the event, especially if directed at event representatives, adjudicators or entrants, will result in the offender/s being asked to leave. Offending entrants or entrants associated with offenders will be disqualified and may incur future bar.

27. Any person or group found responsible for defacing or damaging a venue or equipment will be disqualified and the event may take steps to recover from them any costs of repair. Supervisors of groups must remain with their groups at all times and will be held accountable for the actions of their groups.

28. The adjudicator/s' decision in accordance with the rules is final.

29. Any person who is related to, or been taught or coached privately by an appointed adjudicator during the six months preceding the opening date of the event is barred from participation under that adjudicator.

30. Communication with an adjudicator is strictly prohibited. If it is established that an entrant or person associated with an entrant has made personal contact with the adjudicator before or during a session that entrant will be disqualified.

31. A substitute adjudicator may be used for a listed adjudicator. Any event may be divided for program purposes and any event time or date may be altered if necessary.

32. A protest can only be lodged by an entrant, teacher or parent affected in solo events or in the case of groups, by the group’s conductor or representative as named on the entry form for the event or by the principal of a school or academy. Please lodge in writing to Theatre Arts Titles 19A Little Street Camden NSW 2570.

33. There is to be no video or photoYou are permitted to video or photograph a performer with the permission of the performer and their parent/carer. All electronic devices must be set to silent. No flash allowed.

34. The event will not be liable for personal items lost or stolen. Valuables should not be brought into competition venues and any school bags, handbags, instruments or other items should be under the supervision of someone nominated by the entrant at all times. Lost property will be held by the Eisteddfod office or venue for two months only.

35. The event will not be liable for any copyright infringement relating to the submission of photocopies. Entrants should be aware of the APRA/AMCOS rules of copyright.

36. Any rights that should be obtained in respect of recorded music for performance are the responsibility of the performer. The event holds a licence issued by APRA/AMCOS. 

37. The event reserves the right to record, film, broadcast, telecast, videotape or photograph any entrant, item or event in the Eisteddfod without notification and any such photograph, recording or broadcast may be used at the Eisteddfod’s discretion for publicity or promotional purposes, but shall not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any participants, and no remuneration or compensation whatsoever shall be attributable to any participants so featured.

38. The event, at its sole discretion, may promote or publicise the profile of any entrant and their participation and publish names and suburbs in competition results, including photos via electronic and printed media at its discretion.

39. Personal details provided by an entrant on the entry form are for the event identification use only and are not released to third parties except at the Eisteddfod’s discretion after consultation with the entrant to known organisations when an opportunity may be beneficial to an entrant.

40. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing rules and conditions may cause withholding of prizes, disqualification, and/or a future bar. The decision of the event in all questions or disputes arising out of or not provided for by these rules and regulations will be final. All entries are received according to this condition and in the spirit of friendly competition upon which the Eisteddfod is based, and no dispute shall become the subject of any appeal at law.

 58. Audience ticket sales are non-refundable.


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